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RAAM - Lições que aprendi na competição em 2009, 2019 e 2021

Atualizado: 25 de ago. de 2021

2009 (solo)

Official time - 11d 17h 08m

Female solo champion

Dani Genovesi na linha de chegada no RAAM 2009
At the finish line - RAAM 2009

At the 2009 RAAM, everything was new for me and my team. I went to chase my dream to complete the most difficult race in cycling. I trained and dedicated myself to persuade this unique opportunity.

In 2009 I reinforced concepts that had followed my life and my family for years, but this time I properly reinforced them. Dedication, commitment and resilience, values ​​highlighted through sport, are rewarded and it strengthen us.

Furthermore, experiencing a test of survival with my team made me appreciate the whole methodology and the team as a unity. Cycling is a individual sport, but the process is collective. Understanding this is critical. It is noteworthy that coexistence is something decisive and persuading lightness even in moments of intense suffering makes a difference. Having friends and family, committed and involved in my dream, motivated me to seek a smile and enjoy every moment.

Dani Genovesi em tratamento no RAAM 2009
Receiving care by the hands of Orlando Cani – RAAM 2009

The race lasts 12 days, with many hours on the bike and many possibilities for mistakes and adverse situations. Working with this uncertainty is important because the recurrent frustration on the race can undermine your resistance. I developed several triggers to improve my performance and effectiveness, so there was always a card up my sleeve when I needed it. RAAM 2009 was a unique experience, I learned so much that I carried all the lessions in all the ultras I've done since then. I've always been used to learning by competing and putting my body to the test, since then I've been improving my self more and more.

2019 (solo)

Official time - 10d 17h 59m

Female solo champion

+50 female record of the race

Dani Genovesi na Linha de chegada do RAAM 2021
Finich line – RAAM 2021

RAAM 2019 was different. After ten years competing ultras and with a lot of experience, as an athlete and team, I had bigger ambitions. Just completing the race wouldn't be so good. My team and I were committed to improve my performance. I learned that trusting ourselves, believing and wanting a lot moves us. My team and I believed 100% in the goal, to lower my 2009 time. We fought for it from the start to the finish line. That made the difference.

In 2019 there were 8 women, many champions, there was an unusual level of competition in such long races. At the beginning of the race I went through very difficult moments, moments that would make sense to give up. Although, I trusted myself and trained for that, I was strong and capable. I made the opportunity worth it, my training and my team battled with me at all times.

The team's unity and the will to win were decisive in this race.

2021 (quarteto)

Official time - 7d 5h 33m

Linha de chegada com o quarteto Celebration Brazilian Team no RAAM 2021
Finish line with the Celebration Brazilian – RAAM 2021

RAAM 2021 was a challenge and it became a professional achievement. I got to know the team before the race, I've coached two of the athletes and actively participated in the team's preparation process. Being coach and athlete in the same competition was difficult to separate. But with 30 years of experience as a physical educator, I have lived an extremely rewarding job. It was a luxury.

Dani Genovesi no momento de troca das ciclistas no RAAM 2021
Momento de troca de ciclistas - RAAM 2021

In this race, I valued the preparation even more. The support team did not come because of the pandemic and it was necessary to hire an unknown American team. There were a lot of newcomers but the fact that the girls were prepared and dedicated themselves was enough to give them a solid foundation. They faced challenges and overcome them all. They completed the test with the same health or stronger than they started, which enhances the preparation that was made. The quartet competition is very different, I spent more time off the bike. The pain is less than I experienced it on the ground, but sleep deprivation and discomfort remain. I missed my team, the family I built in competitions, even more going through such remarkable scenarios. I enjoyed every moment, I experienced immense gratitude.

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Juliana Santos
Juliana Santos

Inesquecível Dani!!

Daniela Genovesi
Daniela Genovesi

Incrivel mesmo Ju !!😍

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